Thanks & Suggestions

Use this page to take a minute to thank somebody in your classroom for something nice they have done for you. Please feel free to use this page REGULARLY throughout the year.

Please remember to use proper grammar and punctuation. Show your level 4-ness! Make some deposits into your emotional bank accounts :)

Thank you Faraz for being a good friend and thanks to the class for being nice people - Andy

Thank you Mr. DeAbreu for being a nice, friendly, kind and gentle teacher. Also, thank you students of 70 for being helpful. This is the best class I've ever been in. - Sincerely, Nitin

Thank you Mr. DeAbreu for calling me V.I.P. - Andy

Thank you for being the nicest class, and thank you Mr. DeAbreu for being the coolest teacher. - Anaya the Queen (obviously)

Thank you guys for being nice. - Anaya