Homework Page

October 19th, 2018

Math - Do the work on Lowest Common multiple and greatest Common Factor from the Powerpoint I shared. Also do the work on pages 41/42 by Monday. It was supposed to be done for today!

History - Interview MUST be done by Monday.

Language - Bring a book to school for personal reading.

Science - Binder check and Test on Tuesday

French - Test on telling time and Infinitive verbs on Tuesday

October 18th, 2018

Math - Read the new lesson I have shared with you about Great Common Factor and Lowest Common Multiples. Try some of the work so that tomorrow in class you know exactly what we are talking about. Also, there is extra practice work on pages 41 and 42 of the Math Makes Sense textbook, which I have also shared with you online.

Science - Finish your worksheet. Test is on Tuesday!

Drama - Look up ET the Mime on YouTube and watch some of his videos. As you watch, note what the problems are that the mime creates.

French - Spend some time on DuoLingo...play a level or two. Finish and review your Telling Time package.

History - Conduct your interview with a parent or friend and learn about their story of coming to Canada. Make notes and be prepared for the next steps of the assignment.

October 16th, 2018

History - Conduct your interview of an immigrant by Friday

Language - Choose a book of interest to bring to school. Spend 20 minutes reading independently

Math - Review for the QUIZ on Thursday

Science - Binder check - BE READY! Test next week. Finish the worksheet from today.

REMEMBER! Tomorrow is open house @ 6:30 PM

October 3rd, 2018

language - Finish your paragraph about your dream job. Check your email for shared thinking questions.

History - Complete your Timeline of Important events.

French - Practice your introduction. We will begin presenting tomorrow.

***I Forgot to remind everyone - Tomorrow is ORANGE SHIRT DAY! Wear an orange shirt if you have one, and remind any classmates who you are connected to!

Orange Shirt Day is an opportunity for First Nations, local governments, schools and communities to come together in the spirit of reconciliation and hope for generations of children to come.


October 2nd, 2018

Math - Finish work on factors and multiples.

French - Have your French introduction written down for tomorrow's class.

Language - Bring in a newspaper from home or some flyers to help work on your wanted posters

October 1st, 2018

Math - Create a Factor Tree for the number 124 666. Review your knowledge of factors and multiples for tomorrow's class.

French - Finish the ten question questionnaire as I will be asking three oral questions at the beginning of class tomorrow.

Science - Review all your notes thus far.

Language - Finish your questions on "The Halifax Explosion" if they are not done. We will be peer editing in class tomorrow. Read something of interest for 20-30 minutes.

Drama - Consider how the game we played outside today relates to acting live on stage and/or applying for jobs in theatre.

Sept. 27 2018

Math - Finish bar code chart

Science - Finish Biotic and Abiotic sheet. Make sure all sheets are in the folder. Notebook checks are coming up

French - Play Doulingo

Art - Finish your silhouette. To be handed in the end of next period.

Language - Read for pleasure

Music - Can you read notes on a treble clef? Practice a bit, quiz coming up.


Sept. 26, 2018

Math - Bring and item that has a bar code on it.

Science - Finish questions, textbook is online.

Language - Read for pleasure.

French - Begin your French introduction so we can practice pronunciation in class tomorrow.

Music - Can you read notes on a treble clef? Practice a bit, quiz coming up.

Art - Finish your silhouette. To be handed in the end of next period.

Sept, 24, 2018

Math - Make sure your Math Prodigy account is active and accessible. Play a few games.

French - Set up your Duolingo account and start BASICS 1.

Science - Finish Bill Nye Sheet

Language - Read something you like for 30 minutes. It's fun!

Gym - Clothes need a freshen up?

Sept. 21, 2018

French - Review numbers 1-100, we have a quiz on Monday. Duolingo?

Math - Have Math About Me finished.

History - Our next class is Friday. Have your pictures ready by then. Don't worry about the write ups, I will give you time to do that in Language Arts.

Science - Review science notes for the week.

Gym - Bring home clothes and wash them


Sept. 20, 2018

Math - Check and solve the slide presentation I have shared with you

French - Review numbers 1-100

History - Have all the 9 pictures for the project either printed or saved online

Sept. 19, 2018

Math - Finish Math About Me

French - Review numbers 1-100